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Thu May 4 12:09:11 PDT 2000

thanks bunches, 
i still say there had to be some, just maybe more secretive than the men or
very surpressed..   :)
i would very much like to read thorough some of your references.  paper and
i know about that big v-bug, here at the hsp it is a big concern especially
w/ attachment files.  
i have begun looking into internet info on:
knight templar  men only
and looking into the history as best as i can on the fraternity of saturn.

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> At 10:42 AM 5/4/00 -0500, Maidenhair wrote:
> >anyone have some interenet references for mystical orders of the middle
> ages?
> Yes, as well as some really nice references that are on paper (and
> probably
> more reliable).
> >i am looking for orders that were for women only and not christian based.
> >not benedictian sisters or rosacrusia.
> Please, this is really trying to be as nice as possible about this, but
> don't
> hold your breath.  There might be some Bhuddist sects, but even the Sufis
> were
> mixed gender when they weren't just for men.  If you want something other
> than 
> the monotheists, the level of provability takes a major nose-dive.  Pretty
> much,
> after the decline of the Isis and Magna Mater cults, the women's pagan
> mystery
> cult pickings appear to dry up pretty solidly.  There are a couple of
> people 
> tried in Milan in the 1390s for allegedly having midnight dances to
> "Oriente", 
> "Erodiade" and maybe "Diana", but that's it.
> If you find anything other than that, *please* let me know about it,
> 'cause
> *I* want to kow more about it.
> Marc/Diarmaid
> BTW, it's not THAT quiet - some of us are busy battling a major e-Vbug
> zipping
> around today ...

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