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oh yes 
and faustian, freemasonry.
did i forget to mention that i am especially interested in German or Norse?
just read that fraternity of saturn was founded at the begining of this
century, darn it!  how about Golden Dawn?  thelemis? paraclesus, agrippa  of
course these are all a bit later than my persona.  going for 12th or 13th
hildegard von bingen i got two books on her already.
been ready the sagas and the eddas and the galdrabok, now if i find the grey
skinny and the red skinny.  but maybe you dont know what i am talking about
now?  sorry i tend to ramble near the end of the day.

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> >thanks bunches, 
> >i still say there had to be some, just maybe more secretive than the men
> or
> >>very surpressed..   :)
> Probably more secretive than supressed, since if they were supressed,
> someone
> would have mentioned them - like the supressors.   If they were secretive,
> then it's prefectly reasonable that no one's ever written about them.
> >i would very much like to read thorough some of your references.  paper
> and
> >internet.
> I'll start piling them together then.
> >i know about that big v-bug, here at the hsp it is a big concern
> especially
> >w/ attachment files.  
> >i have begun looking into internet info on:
> >knight templar  men only
> >illuminate
> >rosacrucian
> >and looking into the history as best as i can on the fraternity of
> saturn.
> You might toss "sufi" and the various spellings of "Kabalah" into the mix
> as well.
> Marc/Diarmaid

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