NK - it is a quiet day in the neighborhood

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Thu May 4 13:24:32 PDT 2000

At 02:44 PM 5/4/00 -0500, Maidenahir wrote:
>did i forget to mention that i am especially interested in German or Norse?
>just read that fraternity of saturn was founded at the begining of this
>century, darn it!  how about Golden Dawn?  thelemis? paraclesus, agrippa  of
>course these are all a bit later than my persona.  going for 12th or 13th

Golden Dawn was founded in 1888 by Westcott and whatshisname.  Thelema was
an outgrowth of that (although several seteps removed)

>hildegard von bingen i got two books on her already.
>been ready the sagas and the eddas and the galdrabok, now if i find the grey
>skinny and the red skinny.  but maybe you dont know what i am talking about
>now?  sorry i tend to ramble near the end of the day.

I have the Galdrabok, but while I know what the Red Hen is, and the Red Lion, 
and even a bunch about little red worms, I've never heard of a red or gray

Is it possible they are called something else as well?


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