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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu May 4 16:16:12 PDT 2000

Addington, Debbie, A wrote:
> oh yes
> and faustian, freemasonry.
> did i forget to mention that i am especially interested in German or Norse?
> just read that fraternity of saturn was founded at the begining of this
> century, darn it!  how about Golden Dawn?  thelemis? paraclesus, agrippa  of
> course these are all a bit later than my persona.  going for 12th or 13th
> century.
> hildegard von bingen i got two books on her already.
> been ready the sagas and the eddas and the galdrabok, now if i find the grey
> skinny and the red skinny.  but maybe you dont know what i am talking about
> now?  sorry i tend to ramble near the end of the day.
> :)

	Maidenhair, I have forwarded your inquiry to friends who belong to
Masonic-related groups in the possibility that their researches have
yielded some information in this regard.
	Golden Dawn is modern too, being one of the present recreations of
pagan practices (much is guesswork, supposition and sheer reinvention
since the traditions were largely oral and did not survive in written
form).  If I learn of anything else, I will let you know.


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