NK - Enid Med/Ren Garden Faire Info

Marilyn Hammon marilyn_hammon at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 15:03:50 PDT 2000

Ian, thanks for the info on this.  It has come in

Kelandra,  the comments from the stewards and myself
about the tourchlight tourney a all positive.  I'm
planning to talk to Thorgrim and Yoshii this evening
but it sounds like it will happen.  Please thank the
members of the Raptor for a wonderful suggestion!

--- Jerry Herring <herring at viagrafix.net> wrote:
> For those interested individuals:
> Here is the information for the Medieval/Renaissance
> Garden Faire in Enid on
> May 13th. At Wasteland Games they made noises that
> they would need
> Last year there
> were only four fighters to carry the faire.
> Thanks,
> Kelandra

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword name=Medfaire
text only 2000.doc

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