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Michael Heydon MDHeydon at swbell.net
Mon May 22 12:54:30 PDT 2000

Of course, in the interest of making things easier for everyone, you
could add your pages which represent Northkeep to the Northkeep www site
on the kingdom server.  After all, that is what the Northkeep site and
kingdom server are for.  All you would have to do is ask you virtual
scribe, you would still have complete access to maintain your creations,
or is there some reason you don't wish to support your virtual scribe or
the official Baronial www site?

Virtual Scribe

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner wrote:
> Heilsa everyone,
> Recently, I've received a number of requests for the URL's of NK related
> pages which Burg Borrendöhl supports.  In the interest of making things
> easier for everyone, I've reworked our top level page.  You'll find a
> pull down labeled "SCA and other Pages".  This will take you to the
> library listings, the proposed castle drawings, and others.  Please
> bookmark the following if you're interested in any of these things:
> http://www.busprod.com/the_burg/burg.htm
> If you find any links that don't work please let me know and I'll get it
> fixed.  As we create more pages they'll be added to the pull down and
> announced on this list.
> Tscheuss,
>         Herr-Domr Damon,

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