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Michael Heydon MDHeydon at swbell.net
Mon May 22 15:46:34 PDT 2000

um, er, well, no.
I don't remember long ago, :)  If I did, I would have done been steeling
stuff already, some more!

So pass the mayo and salt, cause I prefer my crow lathered in the white


Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner wrote:
> My Friend,
> If you remember, long ago, I told you if you wanted to copy anything off
> to the "official" site, to please do so.  Since you did not, I assumed
> you didn't want it.  You are still welcome to do so, no credits or
> attribution required.  I did this as an excercise in HTML editing for my
> own education. If others found it entertaining or useful, all the
> better.  I would not presume to post pages to the Baronial site without
> being approved by the officers for release.   If this isn't supporting
> the virtual scribe, what is?
> After 22 hours of traveling and with my eternal clock saying it's almost
> one a.m., 'nuff said
>         Damon

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