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Wed May 24 19:27:28 PDT 2000

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<<  Apparently, those offended felt that I was suggesting that Lady
 Elisabeth had rented out a sub-standard home and was somehow to blame for
 the fire. >>
I think everyone needs to be clear about the fact that fire can happen in ANY 
home. When we were remodeling the kitchen in our house, we pulled out the 
oven, and I was shocked to see the wires that attach to the oven unit were 
charred, and there was some obvious fire damage to the sheetrock there.
 My heart really raced! We certainly, at some point could have experienced a 
tragedy, altogether the situation was completely unknown to us before then. 
How fortunate for us to have discovered it in time. Perhaps some of you 
remember the couple who lost their baby due to faulty electrical equipment, 
not more than a mile from my house, in a home that was not over 2 years old.
You have to realize this could happen to anyone. Secondly, I want to express 
a sincere wish that  we could all just quit making people feel apologetic 
because we misinterpreted their e-mail. HELLO!! Anybody heard of of giving 
something the "benefit of doubt"?  In this Barony, we have always exhibited a 
great deal of care about each other, and it is disappointing to find that we 
have always among us, those who assume the worst, in even the most 
insignificant of cases.
Please think before you burden someone with bad feelings over something they 
have done that was clearly intended for good.  
Live The Dream In Kindness,

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