NK - Clarification RE: Northkeep fire victims

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu May 25 09:28:41 PDT 2000

Secondly, I want to express a sincere wish that  we could all just quit
making people feel apologetic because we misinterpreted their e-mail.
HELLO!! Anybody heard of of giving something the "benefit of doubt"?  In
this Barony, we have always exhibited a great deal of care about each
other, and it is disappointing to find that we have always among us,
those who assume the worst, in even the most insignificant of cases.
> Please think before you burden someone with bad feelings over something they have done that was clearly intended for good.
> Live The Dream In Kindness,
> Anawyn

	Hear, hear!  I have seen a great deal too much of this on several
lists.  Is this something about email or do some people have an attitude
(or perhaps need mood-altering medication)?  Is there a need to publicly
snipe at someone and attach some sinister intention to their remarks?  I
have seen this just recently on this list and it made me wince (not for
the first time).  Let us refrain from such actions and I promise we will
enjoy this list and our game a good deal more!


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