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Here's an update on Rhianna, Eleanor O'Rourke's daughter, from Elfsea.


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Rhianna is doing pretty good right now. She may get a day pass for Saturday
and Sunday to go out with us for a while. We may try to take her out, to day
trip a little at Three Kings if we can. She has a target release date of
November 17, and may even be able to attend school half days after she has
been home a week or so. Her balance is still a little off, her left side is
still a little weak, and she may have some minoe short-term memory problems
for some time. However, all in all, she has made a miraculous recovery so

Matt and I (and the baby) are tired but doing OK. We want to say thank you
so much to all of you who have sent cards, messages, letters, prayers,
donations, and your warm wishes. You have kept us going and our gratitude
and affection is more than we may ever be able to express. We look forward
to being able to see most of you very soon and hope you will know that you
are always in our hearts. This is just how a family should be, and you are
our family.

Please copy this and post it to the many lists that are keeping up with our

On the road back home and loving it,

Beth(Elanor), Matt(Mathias), and Rhianna(Jasmina)

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