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Baroness Gwyneth asked me to remind you about Toy Tourney and ask you to
pass this info on to everyone you know.  Please help out as there has been
no publicity up to now, and this is an important event for the many children
we can help to have a better Christmas.

I am thanking you in advance for your help.

I remain yours in service to the Dream,

Baroness Mairin

November 25,2000
Camp Dakani
(approx one mile west of Hefner Road and I-35 in OKC,OK)
Site opens at 9:00 am  --  closes at 5:00 pm(?)
Activities will start at 10:00 am

Site Fee is one toy per person(minimum value $5)
A toy will also be requires to enter every competition
heavy and light weapons, Archery, knife ax and spear, bardic, board games,

Chicken and broth for soup will be provided.
Please bring something to add to the pot or
an accompaniment of some kind to go with it.

We are being charged a small fee for the site so donations will be
gratefully accepted.

Please direct any questions to :
HE Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere
(405) 364-0389

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