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Russell Husted husted at
Mon Nov 13 07:55:24 PST 2000

I would like to send out my thanks to many many people who helped me this 
TRF season(before I forget as it is all too easy for me to do).

First there were I would like people to realize that throught the season 
there were 41 times at the mound with no less than two heavy melees and two 
light melees coming to a grand total of some 170 fights for a crowd ending 
somewhere close to 200,000 people through cold winds, DOWN POORING rain, and 
sunshine(however limited it actually was).

I would like to thank all of the fighters who came and faught on the mound. 
You made my job very easy and fun. I heard many comments from our own people 
about the quality of the fights and how good they felt about this year.

I would like to thank the water bearers for making sure my people stayed in 
good health. You never failed to be there when we needed you.

I would like the thank the massive number of crowd marshals who not only 
made sure that no one ran onto the battle mound, but also that no 
one(usually me)fell off it either. I always knew my back was covered.

Finally I would like to THANK the marshal with whom I had the distinct 
pleasure of sharing my mound. Most of the marshals who joined me once, 
joined me for 50+ bouts. I am very pleased to report that after 175 or so 
battles the only injuries suffered were the normal stick-hickies one expects 
to get when being womped on.

Thank you all for making my time on the mound safe, healthy, happy, and 
basically worry free.

Your appreciative servant,

ps. I hope to see you there again next season.
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