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  Does this mean no Squires? Viggen has had to decline on the trip as I may 
also. My mind is not made up on the fact, but will be able to tell you 
Ld. Karl Hungus

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>To her excellency Sigen, my most gracious leige-lady, I must regret that
>today I fail my duty to you.   Although a true, noble, and kind mand, the
>venerable doctor who'm mine teeth in entrusted to, today performed surgery
>of a painful and significant sort.
>Although he was good, swift, and exact at his task, his orders (given only
>for my well-being) prevent me from any sort of physical activity.
>Although I do not fear that trouncing good baulsac puts me at any risk of
>disobeying the good doctor's orders, the travel from mine domicile to his
>place would ideed disobey, and indeed endanger my health and my ability to
>protect you in the future.
>Good Baulsac, I shall be happy of course to administre whichever beatings
>are necessary at a time no less than a week in the future.
>Abashedly yours,
>Ld. Jean Paul de Sens
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> >
> ><< Please excuse, but what time does Baulsac need to report for his
> > at mc clure park?
> >
> > maidenhair >>
> >Hee Hee Hee!!!
> >
> >
> >7:00 ish.....
> >
> >Sigen
> >rubbingherhandsinanticipation
> >

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