NK - Rapier Group? Demo?

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Wed Oct 18 21:13:04 PDT 2000

Her Excellency is correct- fighter practice is in Namron Saturday.

The rules on fighter practices state that in the absence of the warranted 
Knight Marshall at least an inspecting Marshall and a warranted officer (of 
any ilk) must be present for an official fighter practice to take place.

Edmund Herrick
Knight Marshall of Northkeep

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><< I have had more than one question on this - since we will have quite a 
>  kids, and a good sunny day, might be an idea, if it is convenient, to
>  consider moving Saturday practice to Chandler instead of Woodward?
>  Certainly a good shot at some new boffer and youth rapier recruits, 
>  Let me know how many, heavy & light weapon folks, and any others - 
>  bards, etc. and I will pass the numbers along to Denise. I have Tim,
>  Wynfrith, Debroa and Susan & Co, so far.
>  Looking forward! >>
>I imagine that *most* of the fighter types will be at the NR fighter's
>practice in Namron.  Unfortunately, with the new rules there must be 
>officers present to have a fighter practice.  As far as I know (correct me 
>I'm wrong), "officially" fighter practice has been moved to Namron.  This
>will include rapier fighters, since there *are* rapier war points, and 
>at Gulf war.
>Sigen Northkeep

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