NK - Populace meeting Fer shur!

Janece Suarez Janece at somerled.net
Wed Oct 25 09:47:51 PDT 2000

> lil' Martha Stewarts, makin' goodies and all? LOL!
> Well, in that case, I
> hope you bring a few for the "big kids" (me) too!
> See ya Monday!

Ha! Martha Stewart is an eeeeeevil wench! Have you SEEN how clean she keeps
her home?? Not in my 4 children, homeschooling, quilting, painting
household! LOL!
I was thinking we'd try our hand at some popcorn balls and some cookies.
Gareth (who has told me that he's thinking of using the name Machreth) is
supposed to be finding me a candy thermometer today. I forgot to get one at
the store last night. (That's the story of my life!)

I was hoping to be able to show our kids the sort of things that we used to
safely get when we were little. How sad that all of that has changed!

So we'll see how the popcorn balls go tonight! If anyone has any cool
recipes for such Halloween goodies, feel free to email them to me privately!

Thanks all,

Sioned (Janece)

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