NK - Demo and Officer's

AnnaAtteWd at aol.com AnnaAtteWd at aol.com
Wed Apr 18 16:32:51 PDT 2001

Hello all, 

I'll apologize in advance if I step on toes. ..but since I haven't heard anything regarding this. .I thought I would bring it up and see if anyone knows anything.

This Sunday, April 22, there is a Demo at Harweldon (sp) Hall off of Riverside.  I believe the time is 1 to 4 pm (please correct me if I'm wrong).  

Officer's is also scheduled for this Sunday @ 3, with the Castellan Planning Meeting Scheduled (previously at 2) now for after Officer's.  This is to be at Hick's Park @ 31st and Mingo.  

My question is, would it not be better to have everyone in one place?  I realize that not everyone goes to Officer's Meeting, but some of the Officer's do go to some of the Demos. .this may be impracticle but I thought I would ask.  If we can't do them at the same place, perhaps moving Officer's to a differnet time would work out better. .or vice versa?  (If all the officer's go to Officer's meeting that are able to go to the Demo, you've lost several people from the Demo)

just wanting to get someone's thoughts or knowledge on the matter.  



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