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Wed Apr 18 18:52:53 PDT 2001

Yes, some of us brought that up in discussion - since it starts at 1:00 and 
goes til' 4:00, those of us who are officers would not be able to stay the 
full time. I feel obligated to make an appearance, as the contact, but 
everyone just use your best judgment. I believe I can stay for a little over 
and hour, and still get to Hicks Park via expressway, and be on time.
If you are not an officer, stay as long as you like, and of course they are 
very eager to have fighters on the lawn.
Thanks for bringing it up though, we all have such a busy schedules, we have 
to depend on each other to keep everything straight!
Once again though, if you are planning to bring children, please let me know, 
as I have to let the organization know how many children's comp tickets to 
set aside.
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