NK - Principality Polling

Sigen3 at aol.com Sigen3 at aol.com
Sun Apr 8 17:16:37 PDT 2001


It appears that the packet containing the completed ballots from Northkeep on 
the Principality issue has been lost.  It is with great regret and 
disappointment that we inform you that unless it is delivered to Master 
Lucais by the USPS, with a valid post mark, our votes will not count in the 
official poll.  (out of over 100 populace members, only 17 votes were 
received by the deadline)

We will be re-polling the populace at our next populace meeting.  We will be 
publishing the results independently, and sending them to Their Majesties, 
Their Highnesses, the Principality Committee, and Master Richard.

Please be *sure* that you can make it to populace meeting, or arrange for 
your vote to be brought, if you want to be included.  Please tell everyone 
you know who doesn't have net access, so that they too can be included. 

We remain in fealty and service,
Thorgrim and Sigen Northkeep

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