NK - Principality Polling

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Sun Apr 8 18:31:48 PDT 2001

  Damn, lost? Lets send it certified mail next time and insure the crap out 
of it.

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>Subject: NK - Principality Polling
>Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 20:16:37 EDT
>It appears that the packet containing the completed ballots from Northkeep 
>the Principality issue has been lost.  It is with great regret and
>disappointment that we inform you that unless it is delivered to Master
>Lucais by the USPS, with a valid post mark, our votes will not count in the
>official poll.  (out of over 100 populace members, only 17 votes were
>received by the deadline)
>We will be re-polling the populace at our next populace meeting.  We will 
>publishing the results independently, and sending them to Their Majesties,
>Their Highnesses, the Principality Committee, and Master Richard.
>Please be *sure* that you can make it to populace meeting, or arrange for
>your vote to be brought, if you want to be included.  Please tell everyone
>you know who doesn't have net access, so that they too can be included.
>We remain in fealty and service,
>Thorgrim and Sigen Northkeep

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