ANST-Announce - Feast Reservations for Elfsea Springfaire

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Sun Apr 15 09:18:40 PDT 2001

Wow! We originally planned on having a maximum of 120 seats for the feast at Elfsea Springfaire, but I just closed reservations at 165! I am including the final list of those with reservations. If I have made a mistake, please tell me and I will make it right. If you want reservations and don't have one, I am keeping a waiting list and will be glad to add you. Unfortunately, we need to have the fixed maximum now since we are making the last buying run.

To aid in finding your name, I have attempted to put the names in alphabetic order by the given name. That meant stripping the well deserved titles and honorifics from your names. I apologize for that. In some cases I did not have the full name, so I did what I could.

In Service,
Caelin on Andrede
Feastocrat for Elfsea Springfaire


Adrian of Elfsea
Agilwulf the loud
Alaric Greythorne
Alastar Marcellius
Aldwin (Elfsea Archery Defender) (reservation 1)
Aldwin (Elfsea Archery Defender) (reservation 2)
Alexander of Elfsea
Alexandria Doyle from Bjornsborg
Alexandro Hernandez
Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio
Amaline DuBois (reservation 1)
Amaline DuBois (reservation 2)
Amaline DuBois (reservation 3)
Annais de Montgomerie
Arabella de Montacute 
Armand Dragonetti
Arnbjorn Ulfsson 
Artair Macmora
Bersi Ormstunga
Branwyn Gwynarth
Brighid of Glenbaun
Bruce Lendrum
Cadhla Ua Callaghan
Cait O'Hara
Carlos Ritchey
Ceinwein ferch Rhul 
Celeste of Elfsea
Charles MacKinnon    
Chris	of Dragonsfire Tor
Claire of Bryn Gwlad
Clint	of Dragonsfire Tor
Cyril Lyon
Daire de Haya
Daniel Stewart of Guthrie
Daniel of Cameron
Danielle de Courcey
David de Rock
Dior Alagrant
Dore' from Bryn Gwlad
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 1)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 2)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 3)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 4)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 5)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 6)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 7)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 8)
Eleanor Cleavely (reservation 9)
Elizabeth du Bois
Ellen of Stargate (reservation 1)
Ellen of Stargate (reservation 2)
Elysandre Gernier
Emma Dandelion (reservation 1)
Emma Dandelion (reservation 2)
Enoch Crandall mac Cranon
Eowen Mac Cinead
Erik Ulricsson 
Ethne ingean Cormac
Fearghus McKenna 
Fionnagan Dubh
Francesca Lavinia Sansovino (reservation 1)
Francesca Lavinia Sansovino (reservation 2)
Francesca Lavinia Sansovino (reservation 3)
Gabriele Rene' de Bernard (reservation 1)
Gabriele Rene' de Bernard (reservation 2)
Gabriele Rene' de Bernard (reservation 3)
Gabriele Rene' de Bernard (reservation 4)
Galen of Bristol
Gilbert Ost Westley
Ginevra Rodney
Grania Ui'Dunlainghe
Gweneth from Bryn Gwlad (Elfsea Artisan) (reservation 1)
Gweneth from Bryn Gwlad (Elfsea Artisan) (reservation 2)
Gwenhuvyar verch Morgant Dedwydd of Brad Leah (reservation 1)
Gwenhuvyar verch Morgant Dedwydd of Brad Leah (reservation 2)
Gwenllian Hertewelle
Heather (daughter of Daniel and Siobhan)
Herbert von Kalden
Herries of Glaslyn
Honor of Elfsea
Iain Mac Willams
Iames Lochlainn
Innes Dee
Janie Cason
Jason	of Dragonsfire Tor
Jason McPherson
Jehanne of Bryn Gwlad
Jengjen Van de Roet (reservation 1)
Jengjen Van de Roet (reservation 2)
Jengjen Van de Roet (reservation 3)
Jenny	of Dragonsfire Tor
Julianna McClain 
Julianna Vertue (reservation 1)
Julianna Vertue (reservation 2)
Katherine R. Oliver
Ker Megan of Tarransay
Kristian Bjornsson
Lavina del Bakhaus
Layla al Tabriz
Lete Blithespring
Liadan naBreagh
Llywelln Gruffydd 
Magdalena da Cadamosto
Maleah, Baroness of Namron
Maria de Vasquez
Medb Liath
Melisenda of Barcelona from Tempio
Michael MacSeamus
Mistress Custance
Morgan of Rhymney
Morgianna Al-harazad (Bard of Elfsea) (reservation 1)
Morgianna Al-harazad (Bard of Elfsea) (reservation 2)
Mrs. Angle Hernandez
Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon
Pendaran (Pedran of Glamorgan)
Phillip Dacus
Ragnar of Elfsea??
Raimond de Mora
Rebekah of Newcastle
Richard (Elfsea Chivalric Defender) (reservation 1)
Richard (Elfsea Chivalric Defender) (reservation 2)
Rixende of Elfsea
Rose Macmora
Saereid Sigmundsdottir
Samuel Gruffydd 
Seamus MacDuff
Sean of Elfsea
Sean n Mac Thiernan
Shannon Cobb
Simone UI'Dunlainghe
Sindara (reservation 1)
Sindara (reservation 2)
Sindara (reservation 3)
Sindara (reservation 4)
Sindara (reservation 5)
Sindara (reservation 6)
Sindara (reservation 7)
Sindara (reservation 8)
Sindara (reservation 9)
Siobhan Inghean Eoghain Ui Neill
Stella Silvana
Stephen Hawkins (Elfsea Rapier Champion) (reservation 1)
Stephen Hawkins (Elfsea Rapier Champion) (reservation 2)
Suzanna, the herbalist
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 1)
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 2)
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 3)
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 4)
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 5)
Tangwystl of Falconrose (reservation 6)
Tanwyn Aniera 
Taya Fitzphilip
Theodora Lacklahan
Theodrick Afhaims 
Timothy of Glastonbury (Autocrat)
Timur Borte
Tomas of Elfsea
Ulf Gunnarsson, Baron of Namron
Uriah of Hebron
Vera Rosetta
Violet of Glamorganshire
Wilim Penbras
Xene Theriane 
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