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Sun Apr 15 09:22:35 PDT 2001

Good Morning,

  Due to the changes in mailing list software over the years and the
  lack of growth in Majordomo, the Ansteorran mailing lists are going to
  be upgraded to new software. This software is Mailman to administer
  the mailing lists. This software gives a lot more flexibility to the
  list owner as well as the list subscribers.

  While it is primarily a web driven interface, there are also email
  versions of the commands. I will be working with the list owners and
  subscribers to ensure that our needs are met.

  Over the next few weeks the different mailing lists hosted on the
  Ansteorran server will be converted to this new format. As this happens
  the list owner will be notified of the change and how to administer
  it properly. As well, the list itself will be notified so members can
  look at the interface and make the changes they want to make.

  While all of this happens the information on the webpage at:

  and the information contained in the Rialto FAQ on the webpage at:

  will be updated.

  If a list owner wishes to volunteer to convert his list early, please
  contact me immediately so we can arrange for it. Otherwise I will be
  doing them in order by Kingdom Region, then Kingdom level, than SCA-wide

  The Southern Region will be done first, starting with the Barony of
  Bryn Gwlad either later today or tomorrow. (This should re-instate
  the mail <-> news gateway for the Barony.)

  I apologize if this seems like short notice, but it is something that
  has been in the works for some time. After the conversion occurs I
  think everyone will be very pleased with the new setup.


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