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Wed Apr 18 20:14:46 PDT 2001

forwarded with permission..
thought yall might like to see this...


>Subject: [CALONTIR] Note from the Society Marshal about archery
>Here is an email from Eringlen.
>included message
>In case anyone is interested, I have just made a ruling requiring the nock 
>end of shafted (wood or fiberglass) arrows to have some sort of approved 
>device attached which prevents entry into a normal >SCA-legal bar grill 
>(ABD's in other words). The BoD will be reviewing this decision at their 
>meeting this >weekend. It is well within their power to overturn my ruling,
>and without commentary from the populace at large, they will have to base 
>their decisions on what information they have at hand. >If you have an 
>opinion in this regard, I would urge you to take a few moments to write 
>them and let them know how you feel. Any such letters should be addressd to 
>"directors at sca.org ", and need be sent soon, as some Directors will be 
>traveling to the meeting (in Pittsburgh, this quarter) as early as 
>Many thanks, and please pass this along,
>To add to this people that have written a letter today have already gotten 
>a response from Matt Larson, who is the board >ombudsman for the 
>So as I said before the time to write is now.

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