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Heilsa all...

Fresh information:

Like it or not as of 01 August 2001 these are the new rules as regards 
Combat Archery.

I've edited certain portions of the Society Marshal's letter to the SCA 
Marshals list that were for the Kingdom Earl Marshals and their Deputy Earl 
Marshals eyes only. (Don't ask I will not tell you.....)

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
Kief "the bearer of interesting tidings" av Kiersted
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>From: ksca at
>Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 22:04:42 -0500

(**portion edited**-------by Kief)

Here's the long awaited decision ...

<begin quote>

Policy Decision:
Please know that I made the following decision regarding combat regulations, 
specifically concerning Combat Archery equipment:

All wooden and fiberglass shafted arrows used in SCA Combat archery shall be 
required to have an approved ABD on the nock-end to prevent any injurious 
contact to SCA combatants. This requirement shall be implemented on August 
1, 2001, to allow a sufficient period for implementation.

Make the following changes:

Combat Archery Handbook
Wood and Fiberglass Shafted Arrows and Bolts...
8) All wooden and fiberglass shafted arrows are required to have an approved 
ABD securely attached to the nock-end in such a manner as to prevent more 
than 1/2" penetration into any SCA-legal helm.
(Current numbers 8-9 renumbered to 9-10...)

Approved ABD’s (Anti-Bounceback Devices):
Foam Wedge ABD (1 1/2" diameter)
Round rod UHMW ABD (1 1/4" diameter)
Octagonal UHMW ABD (1 1/4" diameter)
Fellwalker ABD

Details for construction and specifications can be found at:

Foam Wedge:

1 1/4" round rod UHMW ABD and Octagonal UHMW ABD’s:

Fellwalker Bolt (SCA-legal):

There will be several more approved designs available soon, pending 
conclusion of safety testing. Estimated time for addition to this list is 
approximately one month.

(**portion edited** ------by Kief)

<end of quote>

Please note that this requirement will not go into effect until August 1, 

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