ANST-Announce - Building a Castle!

Dominic Pelletier bearclaw at
Thu Apr 19 16:30:19 PDT 2001


   I have the extreme pleasure of announcing to all throughout the Known 
World, that the plans are in the works for the construction of an 
authentic 13th century Edwardian style Welsh castle/town in a form 
inspired by King Edward I's great castle Conwy in Northern Walsh.

    I beseech any and all who are interested in this great and wonderful 
project, to send me their express notions to this address:

    bearclaw at

Please be aware that you MUST have the words "Castle Survey" in the 
subject line.  You will receive an automated response email with an 
attached survey and further details concerning this great project. 

    The ultimate goal of this venture is to establish a full-time 
medieval town, with both full time and seasonal residence, that is fully 

I look forward to hearing from you,

In Service to the Sable Throne of An Tir,
Roudrick Castlebuilder
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