NK - Officers Meeting

Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Thu Apr 19 20:39:10 PDT 2001

Sorry for the multiple postings I wanted to make sure that this gets to
everyone who is interested.

Officers meeting is this Sunday, April the 22, 2001  3pm at Hicks Park on
34th and Mingo. We will be there unless it is poring down rain then it be
indoors (If it is okay, can we use please your Excellencies office?) I will
work on finding another site so we do not have to keep imposing.

Some of you were wondering about the Demo this weekend as well... Here is
what I have to say about that.

Officers are expected to be at the officers meeting.(period).
If you want to go to the Demo that is fine but leave there in time to get to
officers at 3pm. We have lots of talented and colorful people in this
Barony, all of them are capable of contributing to a demo. If you are one of
these people who is not an officer please step up and go to this demo so
that the officers can go to the meeting.
In the future lets be more conscious of the dates and keep this type of
scheduling conflict from occurring again.

There is also Castellan planning meeting after Officers, If you are involved
in this event I encourage you to attend.

I hope to see you all at there!
Kind Regards,

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