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Lady Julienne de Lion ladyjulienne at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 00:22:18 PDT 2001

speaking of name submissions, what would be the best way to find out the 
status of mine? i can't remember exactly when it was submitted, it was when 
you (etienne) came to rundel and held a class at the library quite some time 

(ps-i am in no hurry for an answer, i understand that you are busy :)

vivant le rêveur,
lady julienne de lion

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>It depends on a couple of things.  Whether Griffin is responding to a
>submission you have already sent in or just a question from an email
>being the most important.  I am in the middle of scholastic hell with
>finals right now (which is why I'm up at 2 AM to get Robert's message).
>Let me email you all on Tuesday and hash out details.
> >>> <Fitzmorgan at cs.com> 04/30/01 01:22AM >>>
>In a message dated 4/27/01 5:50:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>daaddington at saintfrancis.com writes:
> > Hay Robert!
> >
> >     I just got an email from Lord Griffin.  They may be able to
> > my name with the very smallest of change.  So how many more people
>does this
> > have to go through now?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Maidenhair
>I don't actually know.  I'm CCing this to Etienne.  He prouably knows.

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