[Northkeep] Garb question

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Aug 5 01:12:37 PDT 2001

As if I didn't ask enough questions, I do have one more.  As a resource for
new people, is there anyone who takes commissions to make garb?  If so,
please contact me at catmafia at swbell.net   Also, if you are willing to help
teach new people how to sew, please let me know that also.  I know most of
you are like me, can sew somewhat and are streached to your utmost with
your own sewing projects you are procrastinating about.  But if you are
willing to make garb for others, or know someone (outside the SCA should be
fine) who sews for others and would be able to make things, let me know and
a general idea of some rates; so I have this info to offer to those who ask
and need something beyond loaner garb.


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