[Northkeep] Hospitaller Information Sheet (just in case people missed it elsewhere)

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Sun Aug 5 11:02:01 PDT 2001

Hospitaller Information Sheet

Name:___________________________    	Society

Address: ________________________ 	E-Mail:
__________________________do you check this often? Yes / no

City/State/Zip: __________________  	Phone Numbers:

Preferred contact: ___________   OK to release info:  to other
officers  yes / no    public yes / no       Best times to
contact: _______________________

Demo Info
Below are various areas of SCA activities, please indicate which
you are able to demo and use the code below to indicate how you
can assist.

chivalric, ______________	singing, _______________  	needle arts,
_______________ 	illumination, ______________
rapier, _______________	poetry, _______________	spinning,
_________________	calligraphy, ________________
thrown weapons, ________storytelling, ___________	weaving (kind)
, _____________ 	brewing, __________________
archery, ______________	instrumental, __________	woodwork,
_______________	period cooking, ______________

making weapons, _______	juggling, ______________	mosaics,
_______________	leatherwork, ________________
making armor, __________	dancing	, _______________	glass work,
_______________ 	research papers, ____________

Specific topics of research, to make presentations on:

Code: please place applicable letters in above areas of
volunteering, so that I can best utilize your skills.  It will
save multiple ?'s later.

Type of Presentations:		Frequency:			Resources Needed:	Age groups
to work with: check
P - Present objects made		A - Anytime requested		I - Indoors		Any
ages  _______
D - Demonstrate skill		M - As often as monthly		O - Outdoors
Under 7	  _______
L- Lecture about			N - As needed			F - Fighting area	7-12
W - Teach workshop on		R - Only when skill requested	E -Electric
access	13-20  _______
X - Refer newcomers, to me					T- Table		Adults only  _______

Key Club: This is a proposed group to be formed under the
Hospitaller's office to aid in disseminating info to newcomers.
Together we will work on web pages, brochures for handout,
providing contacts for demos, publicity for the barony, maintain
loaner garb, help newcomers find established members who share
their interests and recognize them at their first populace or
event with a small token to show they are welcome.  We will wear
a badge to mark us as someone who has time to answer questions at
local gatherings, thus making first contact easier to

______ I am interested in participating in this project  	______
I would like to help in any way needed
______ I am interested in helping to make badges for this	______
Will donate favors to recognize 1st event or populace

Gatherings I can help at:  	___ populace,      ___ fighter
practice,      ___ demos,      ___ most anything I go to,
___ Dionader&Ensign,    ___ Investiture, ___ Winterkingdom,
___ Castellan.

(for ease in identification, only wear the badge at activities
you have the time to answer questions)

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to assist.  I
look forward to the next 2 years as serving the Barony as
Hospitaller.  The information you have provided should assist in
this greatly.  If you have any other information that you feel
will be of assistance to me, please make notes on the back of
this form.  (Including a picture would also be of assistance, as
I am much better with face than with names)  Also include any
contacts with local organizations and news agencies; any
activities you are interested in and would like to see happen
locally, and I will look for a way to do it; and if you work odd
hours and are looking for things during your off hours.  The more
information I have, the better I will be able to serve you.  If
you need to contact me, my e-mail is catmafia at swbell.net and my
phone number is 628-1517.
Thank you for the privilege of serving you,
Susan the Curious.  (Susan O'Neal)

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