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Sun Aug 5 12:58:09 PDT 2001

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Okay, to get the ball rolling, I have a number of questions I'd like the candidates to answer. (Yah, I know....what a surprise!)

1. What do you do mundanely?

2. How long have you played in the SCA?

3. How long have you played in Northkeep?

4. What offices/jobs have you held in the SCA? In Northkeep?

5. What areas of the SCA have you participated in (populace meetings, fighting, A&S, guilds, etc.)?

6. What areas in the SCA are you currently most active in?

7. What do you consider your qualifications for baron(ess)?

8. What do you see as the function of the baron(ess)?

9. Why do you want to be baron(ess)?

10. What are some of the things you plan/want to do as baron(ess) (be specific)?  And how do you plan to accomplish those things?

11. As baron(ess) what would your biggest priorities be?

12. If you could accomplish only one thing as baron(ess), what would it be? Why is that the most important thing to you? Why is that important to the barony?

13. What would you bring to the job of baron(ess) that you feel the other candidates would not bring?

14. What characteristics do you feel you have that you think are needed to be baron(ess)?

15. Why should the populace of Northkeep vote for you as baron(ess)?

16. Performing the roles of baron(ess) is more than just wearing the hat at populace. There is a lot of time and travel involved in being baron(ess). Do you feel as baron(ess) you would be able to give enough time to the SCA and the barony to do the job?

17.What would you do as baron(ess) to respond to the many events of the past six months or so that have happened in the Northern Region and in Northkeep that have affected the kingdom, the region, and the barony? Would you take any specific actions?

18. What is your position on the principality issue?

19.And, of course, last, but not least, my all-time favorites.... What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

Okay..... I guess you now understand why I am.....

Lynn the Inquisitive
LRA at olpdsl.net

Remember to send your answers to me and not the Northkeep list. Thanks.


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