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Okay, to get the ball rolling, I have a number of questions I'd like the
candidates to answer. (Yah, I know....what a surprise!)

1. What do you do mundanely?

Licensed Clinical Social Worker w/the Veteran's Administration where I
provide individual/family/couples/ counseling in addition to running an
anger management program.  I also do a little bit of private practice and
contract work with Children's Medical Center.

2. How long have you played in the SCA?

17 yrs.

3. How long have you played in Northkeep?


4. What offices/jobs have you held in the SCA? In Northkeep?

Knight Marshall

5. What areas of the SCA have you participated in (populace meetings,
fighting, A&S, guilds, etc.)?

A&S projects and taught others how to build armor/leather work in addition
to a little metal work.  Attend populace meetings.  Training fighters in
weaponcraft, and doing my best to lead by example of personal conduct on and
off the field.  Helped out when I have seen a need or been able w/anything
asked or observed needing to be done.  Even stumbled around with bardic

6. What areas in the SCA are you currently most active in?

Marshal arts.

7. What do you consider your qualifications for baron(ess)?

I believe I am well respected and well liked.  I work to set an example of
the kind of person I would like to be around.  I try to practice the golden
rule in my daily life.  I am assertive and I look for and expect the best
from people.

8. What do you see as the function of the baron(ess)?

To encourage/support others efforts to achieve their highest good in all
areas of their life.

9. Why do you want to be baron(ess)?

An opportunity to work for the things I have already mentioned above.  To
bring the fun back into being in the SCA, in Northkeep.

10. What are some of the things you plan/want to do as baron(ess) (be
specific)?  And how do you plan to accomplish those things?

I am afraid I don't have a "specific" list of things.  I think to make a
list of things I plan implies that I think we are lacking in some way or
others have done us a diservice by their work.  I am not running for
president.  I'm offering to hold a voluntary office.  I am offering to lead
by example of being the best I can be, to encourage everone to be the best
they can be.  To show kindness, dignity, and respect for one another.  To
encourage and lift one another up whether by sharing a skill or some other
form of giving.

11. As baron(ess) what would your biggest priorities be?

See above.

12. If you could accomplish only one thing as baron(ess), what would it be?
Why is that the most important thing to you? Why is that important to the

I think if we accomplished anything I would like for it to be more kindness
and respect toward one another.  That "one another" extends beyond the
borders of Northkeep to the entire Kingdom.

13. What would you bring to the job of baron(ess) that you feel the other
candidates would not bring?

I think all of the candidates bring their own unique presence to the
position.  I am what I am.

14. What characteristics do you feel you have that you think are needed to
be baron(ess)?

I am thoughtful, slow to anger, and I look for and encourage the best in

15. Why should the populace of Northkeep vote for you as baron(ess)?

If the attitudes and values that Francesca and I hold appeal to them; if
they believe we are people they could and would like to work with, then they
should vote for us.

16. Performing the roles of baron(ess) is more than just wearing the hat at
populace. There is a lot of time and travel involved in being baron(ess). Do
you feel as baron(ess) you would be able to give enough time to the SCA and
the barony to do the job?


17.What would you do as baron(ess) to respond to the many events of the past
six months or so that have happened in the Northern Region and in Northkeep
that have affected the kingdom, the region, and the barony? Would you take
any specific actions?

I really believe those issues are beginning to be addressed already.  By
example we are teaching others who we are as a group and the kind of people
that live here.  I think that Ian has done a fine job of setting the tone.
So I would work to continue what has been begun.  Visit our sister baronies
and other groups.  Invite them to come and see us.  Encourage our populace
to do the same.  We are all ambassadors for Northkeep.  Let them see who we
are, let them see our best.

18. What is your position on the principality issue?

I have always been for it in proper time and when there is concensus.  When
it feels like the natural progression of things.

19.And, of course, last, but not least, my all-time favorites.... What is
your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

Sir Balvin Thorfinnsson

To achieve my highest good in this existence.

blue, no r.......e.........d................!

Okay..... I guess you now understand why I am.....

Lynn the Inquisitive
LRA at olpdsl.net

Remember to send your answers to me and not the Northkeep list. Thanks.


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