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Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Mon Aug 20 09:07:36 PDT 2001

Susan I can check with my sister on who prints her business cards, she seems to
get a good deal if I remember right.

Susan O'Neal wrote:

> I have been doing some research for what sort of hand out to give to
> interested people.  From everything I have read, a business card is better
> recieved and less likely to end up in the trash.  (I would hate to spend
> our money and then have to spend our time picking them up from around the
> park)  I have found that locally they are around $15 to get 500 basic ones
> and $30 for anything colored or fancy printed off.  I was given an online
> source where you pay s/h for 250 free cards, but it too is about $15 for
> 500.  I was also given a template from the Kingdom Hospitaller of the
> Outlands for a card and he suggested that these work best and color works
> well.  I currently don't have a printer hooked up, but can do that if need to.
> Some input I need from you all.
> How many visitors do you all remember us getting at a big Dianoder and
> Ensign Tourney?
> Are cards enough, or do we need some handouts for people without ready web
> access?
> Do you know anyone who could offer us a better deal on business cards?
> Please respond offlist, catmafia at swbell.net
> Susan
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