[Northkeep] Looking for resources

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Aug 20 17:24:07 PDT 2001

I have been doing some research for what sort of hand out to give to
interested people.  From everything I have read, a business card is better
recieved and less likely to end up in the trash.  (I would hate to spend
our money and then have to spend our time picking them up from around the
park)  I have found that locally they are around $15 to get 500 basic ones
and $30 for anything colored or fancy printed off.  I was given an online
source where you pay s/h for 250 free cards, but it too is about $15 for
500.  I was also given a template from the Kingdom Hospitaller of the
Outlands for a card and he suggested that these work best and color works
well.  I currently don't have a printer hooked up, but can do that if need to.

Some input I need from you all.
How many visitors do you all remember us getting at a big Dianoder and
Ensign Tourney?
Are cards enough, or do we need some handouts for people without ready web
Do you know anyone who could offer us a better deal on business cards?

Please respond offlist, catmafia at swbell.net


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