[Northkeep] Re: Questions Re: Dionadair

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Tue Aug 7 20:52:48 PDT 2001

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       Let me clarify this.  Rundel is part of Northkeep and members of
Rundel meet the requirement of being from Northkeep for purposes of entering
the Dionadair tournament.  There are other requirements for entering the
tournament that also must be met.  Perhaps our current Dionadair or one of
the founders of the tournament could please post those requirements.


> Greetings!
>   Are those in the Canton eligible to fight for Dionadair, as was the
> case last year?
>   It is September 8th, isn't it?

      So far as I am concerned Rundel is part of Northkeep and their fighters
are welcome to enter the tournament.  I remember that Thorgrim and Sigen
actually had a charter for the tournament written and read at populace
meeting setting out the rules for the tournament.  I do not know where this
document is now or exactly what is in it.


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