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> i am curious, if northkeep is looking for a new camp site, what about the
> castle project? is it still going forward? will it still be at will roger's
> boy scout camp?
> julienne

       This is not any kind of official statement just my personal opinion.
Will Rogers Scout Camp has significantly raised it's fees.  This has
noticably raised the minimum number of people we have to have at an event in
order to not lose money.  This has prompted us to look for other sites.  So
far we haven't found anything that is accaptable in terms of facilites and
cost but we are still looking.  If we should find something that meets our
needs at a better price then I expect that we would start using that site.
It is also possable the WRSC will bring their fees back down to something we
can better afford.  It may turn out that we can't find anything better and
will have to just deal with this. I personally would be reluctant to proceed
with a long term project like the castle until this issue is resloved one way
or the other.


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