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Are we still looking at alternative sites?

I had a work retreat out at camp Walahili (campfire) in Wagnor OK. It was absolutely beautiful. From all points of the site you can see the lake (fort gibson) the Feast hall can easily fit over 200 people, it has a HUGE kitchen fully stocked and accessible. the hall is set up as an X in the center is a huge fire pit. There are about 10 or 20 cabins all with fire pits, picnic tables, and a fireplace. there are 9 bunks in each cabin. the hall and most cabins, bathroom and pool sit on the cliff, you go down a slight slope and the ground is flat, perfect for a list field, it has an archery range and is right on the lake. there are cabins scattered but very easily accessible to all points of the camp, there are a couple of shower houses. There are deer. and it has plenty of tent space and i think the parking is ok. Descreatly wet.

I talked to Bobby, she is the person in charge of the site and 3 others, and a co-worker. I told her about what we do and the situation with will rogers, she said she will fax me a price list and said she is willing to work out deals. with the price we would have all the cabins, pool, hall etc. She also said there is a site 20 miles west of tulsa (kellyville) area that she said is just as nice and a little closer. she wants us there, she thought what we did was really neat, and any money they get is extra.

Anyway if you want more information, I have it.



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