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That is the name of the camp!! I went there years ago
in the 7th grade-- it is really beautiful and if my
memory serves would be great! (I have spent a lot of
time over the last few weeks trying to look thru old
paperwork to see if I could find it.) Granted it was
umm... more that a decade ago now, I remember the
cabins to be very very nice- all built of stone.
Anyway, if the price is right I would recomend this
site as well.


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> Are we still looking at alternative sites?
> I had a work retreat out at camp Walahili (campfire)
> in Wagnor OK. It was absolutely beautiful. From all
> points of the site you can see the lake (fort
> gibson) the Feast hall can easily fit over 200
> people, it has a HUGE kitchen fully stocked and
> accessible. the hall is set up as an X in the center
> is a huge fire pit. There are about 10 or 20 cabins
> all with fire pits, picnic tables, and a fireplace.
> there are 9 bunks in each cabin. the hall and most
> cabins, bathroom and pool sit on the cliff, you go
> down a slight slope and the ground is flat, perfect
> for a list field, it has an archery range and is
> right on the lake. there are cabins scattered but
> very easily accessible to all points of the camp,
> there are a couple of shower houses. There are deer.
> and it has plenty of tent space and i think the
> parking is ok. Descreatly wet.
> I talked to Bobby, she is the person in charge of
> the site and 3 others, and a co-worker. I told her
> about what we do and the situation with will rogers,
> she said she will fax me a price list and said she
> is willing to work out deals. with the price we
> would have all the cabins, pool, hall etc. She also
> said there is a site 20 miles west of tulsa
> (kellyville) area that she said is just as nice and
> a little closer. she wants us there, she thought
> what we did was really neat, and any money they get
> is extra.
> Anyway if you want more information, I have it.
> Elodie
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