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 yeah the one in wagnor is on hw 69 you can get there from both 412 (free) or 51(75cents). from 412 you go 6 miles south to mile marker 170 and Flat Rock road go east. 3 miles go south 1 mile to gravel road and then all the way down. I am not sure as to the directions from 51 cause that was not the way i went. I have access to it anytime I want I just need to call ahead. the other site is 20 west of tulsa around sapulpa. I am told it is just as nice, I have not see it. it sits on a creek.
  Kathy Herndon <kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu> wrote: Elodie,

The site sounds great. At last officers' meeting, a site had to be
settled and the choice was to stay at Will Rogers. I don't know if
the money has changed hands or we've inked the contract, only Ian can
say for sure so he'll have to be the one to respond.

Even if we cannot use the site you found for investiture, can you
give some more specific directions on where the Wagoner and
Kellyville sites are? They might be perfect for future events.

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