[Northkeep] Attention Robert, Ian, and HL Kaitrin

Greg Weible gweible at klient.com
Fri Aug 24 16:00:43 PDT 2001

<snip>I am not sure as to the directions from 51 cause that was not the way
i went. I have access to it anytime I want I just need to call ahead. the
other site is 20 west of tulsa around sapulpa. I am told it is just as nice,
I have not see it. it sits on a creek.</snip>

51 East from Tulsa is either free (if you go through Coweta) or $1.00 via
the Muskogee Turnpike.  But here are general directions to that area via 51,
I go to Ft Gibson Lake a lot, so I semi-know the area.

Take 51 East from Tulsa, there is construction on the turnpike.

You will exit at the Wagoner/Coweta exit, toll is $1.00

Take a left (towards Wagoner)

It's about 12 miles to Hwy 69, but turn left onto Hwy 69 in Wagoner

Turn right (east) at Mile Marker 170 and Flat Rock Road...

from there follow the previous directions :o)

Hope this helps those who want to take 51 :o)


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