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> After some long discussions and thought, I've decided to work on a history
> of the group - generally what happened, when, and why this was important to
> the group.  Yes, a general history was compiled when we became a Barony -
> but this was some time back and is badly out of date.  Worse, it's a
> helpful
> tool, but historically tells us nothing.
> There is no mention made of the events that were taking place that were
> important to people.  Ultimately, what I want to do is compile a history
> that addresses the past in such a way that (in those rare occasions when
> two
> people or groups were in conflict) both would be able to agree with what I
> have said.

       I have had some desire to do a history of Northkeep for several years.
 I got held up on the issue of how to deal with the unpleasent parts of our
history.  Writing a history that left all that stuff out didn't seem very
honest or very interesting, and I never worked up the nerve to deal with that
stuff head-on.
       I do think that it is worth doing and hope that it can be done without
getting people angry.  It proupably helps that, recent events excepted, most
of the really unpleasant stuff is several years in our past.
       The last six months have been interesting in that several things I
thought I knew turned out not to be so.  I can't help but wonder how much of
what I "know" about the 'Olden Days' is wrong.  For those who are willing to
share, I would be interested to see how your recollections differ from mine
on some of these events.
       I'll try and make time to send along some of what I remember.  Thanks
for trying this  Good Luck


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