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       I took a look at the listing of officers and have several corrections
and questions.  I'm posting them here so others can jump in to correct me if
I'm wrong.


The Seneschal's look right to me.


I think Marc du Provence was reeve before Eveline and that Anton was reeve
after Eveline.
Before Mercedes was Wilhelm der Wolf

       I've heard several times that William Blackfox was our first KM, but
I've also heard that Candy was our first KM and William was the 2nd.
       I think that Balvin was KM either just before or just after Colin.  I
might be wrong.  I'm also thinking that Thorvald was our KM once, (after

       Kostia was our Baronial Archery marshall after Carlyle.  Blackfox was
archery marshall, I think it was before Carlyle.

A & S

       The progression should be:
Robert Fitzmorgan
Ruadhagan Mor

       I think that Catrin was our A&S minister once but I'm not sure.  I
remember Mistress Rosalyn as A&S when I started.  Anora was A&S sometime
before I started as was Henry the Pennitent.  I don't think that Beorthlic
has ever been our A&S Minister, but he was Northern Regional A&S a few years

       Catrin and Anton were jointly Herald just befroe Etienne's 1st time.
I think Kevin was before them.


       I believe that Cheryl de Scotia (sp) took over as chronicler from
William, the William took it briefly before Malcolm took it.  Then Ismet,
then Robert Fitzmorgan, then Richart.   I don't remember anything about Anora
being Chronicler but i could be forgetting.  I think that William took over
from Roselyn but I could be wrong.


       I think Kerian had it before Elisabeta, and before him Livia.  If I
remember correctly Livia gave up the office when she became seneschal.

       These are the best I can do off the top of my head.


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