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> There were about 25 fighters in the bar.  You were only allowed weapons you
> would bring to a bar;  short (24" or less) swords, maces, and knives.  We
> started with our weapons on the table in front of us.  At the lay-on it
> would be everybody for themselves.

Given the circumstances that we are not "fighting" with the only usual stuff,
but cardboard and such, would you imagine that there might be any way within
SCA guidelines, to open this up to non-card carrying fighters? I am thinking
that those of us who normally fall into the, hm-m, how shall I say
this..."more of a hindrance than an aide on the field" category, could enjoy
such a milieu.
It's just a terrific idea, regardless, and I am certainly ready to be a saucy
wench again! Those who missed serving in the tavern last time, you really
missed a hoot of fun.

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