[Northkeep] RE: tavern feast & Brawl

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Sat Dec 1 11:03:33 PST 2001

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<< Given the circumstances that we are not "fighting" with the only usual
 but cardboard and such, would you imagine that there might be any way within
 SCA guidelines, to open this up to non-card carrying fighters?  >>

We always pulled it off at Horde events by using food.  Baguettes make
wonderful swords with sourdough or platters as sheilds.  Tho I have to admit
that the zucchini table decoration stood up better than the bread to sheild
bashing.  Made for some memorable feasts, I have to say.  It usually started
out as choreographed but then everyone wanted in on it.  Of course it was an
outside feast served picnic style, easier to clean up that way.


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