[Northkeep] SCA Years or AS ???

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Mon Dec 3 10:29:29 PST 2001

>>> daaddington at saintfrancis.com 12/03/01 07:04AM >>>
well the old sagas have that wonderful
xxvi or xxx etc..... so i haven't a clue to the years.  some of them
have it
on the inside cover some do not.
give me a bit of help here
but how do these equal the year?
scratching head in great annoyance.

Maidenhair, and any others interested,

I could tell you that we are currently in AS (Anno Sociatatis or year
of the society) XXXVI (36).  But that leaves out a very important fact.
Society years start in May; to say that another way, the first month in
the society calendar is May.

So, we are currently in December, AS 36 (I'll skip the roman numberals
for now) and next month is January, AS 36.  But next May will be May, AS
37.  If you count back, May of AS 1 was in 1965 (if I did my math


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