[Northkeep] Clarification for yesterday

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:26:44 PST 2001

It has been suggested to me that my messages yesterday, to both the
Northkeep list and the Mooneschadowe list, might have been
miscontrued.  In the case of the Mooneschadowe list, my intention was to
simply to express an interesting possibility that I was not sure had been
considered.  In the case of the sites I suggested to Alton and Ainar on the
Northkeep list, both have in the past expressed interests (although at
different levels) in doing things more accurately for their personas - the
web sites suggested were for people who, in fact, are doing just that.  I
thought they might be interested.  The presentation was meant good naturedly
and was as much a poke at myself as it was apparently directed at them -- a
fact that I would like to think that Alton and Ainar haven't needed to have
explained to them.

At no time was I intending to suggest to them, to Mooneschadowe, or to
anyone else that they are doing things to "my" standards, or in fact that
it's any of my business or that I even care how authentically they do
things.  Nor for that matter was my reference to "'my' part of the Middle
Ages" in any way a veiled or unveiled snide attack on anyone, instead
intending to refer to that part of the 'Middle Ages' my persona is currently
living (early 1300s England).

I am sorry I was unable to express myself clearly enough, I shall endeavor
to do better.  I am sorry that I have managed somehow to convey the
impression that I'm a judgemental cretin who has nothing better to do than
to criticize people who are just have a good time.  And I am very sorry for
taking your time up with this trivial crap.

Please do us all a favor and do not respond to this message.


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