Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 13:57:39 PST 2001

>Ummm, no.


>Then William (the French-Scandinavian) showed up.

Okay, cool, were on the same page, you just said it a whole lot better than
I could have, and with much less trouble remimbering the specifics than I
seem to have.

>From where TO where?  The first migration into Scandinavia was at the end
>of the Ice Age.  By the 800s the Scandinavians were exporting >people by
>the boatload.

Sorry, I'm speaking relative to england. The second major migration into

>I suspect that Damon just thought it looked intresting.

And Indeed, it is intresting. I think the actual research paper will prove
much more interesting than this BBC summary/joke. BTW, the graphic was a
little hokey in my opinioun.

None the less, all the academic arguement asside, this is the kind oif stuf
I like to talk about, so thanks for posting it Damon.


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