[Northkeep] Puck's Rapier practice

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Tue Dec 18 04:34:18 PST 2001

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Puck, I might actually make it.. maybe.


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> Heya all,
>   We've been having trouble holding practice with the weather, cold, and
> dark.  I was thinking that this week we would get together on Tuesday at
> 6:30 to talk about fencing at Barnes & Noble.  The Barnes & Noble I was
> thinking of was the one on 41st & Yale.
>   Conversation topics might include:
>     What is a white scarf
>     Rules questions
>     Tournament mind set
>     Why learn to fence at all
>     Why is teaching others important
>     Whatever anybody feels like talking about
>   They have coffee, hot cocoa and things like that.  This will be a chance
> for us to get together and at least talk about fencing.  We are still
> working on the indoor practice site, but we won't have another Tuesday
> until
> January 8th, 2002.  Let's make the best of the one we have got.
> Puck

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