[Northkeep] Need input for drum workshop - Ainar and others?

Shirley Roper vivatthedream at home.com
Sun Dec 16 14:09:41 PST 2001

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Note:  See Daveed's bio at the bottom of this message.

Although Daveed will be in Tahlequah with Turku in May, there are several schedule conflicts which would prevent him offering a drum workshop at that time.  However, he has asked if we would like him to come in the early fall.  If we wait until then, he may be able to participate in a nearby Ansteorran event, and may even have time to facilitate a drum-building project and do a family drumming program for parents and their kids.  Ideally, he would also conduct DrumFest! programs (see below) at one or more local schools (contact me if you think this would interest your child's school - I'll provide a DrumFest! brochure) while he is in Tulsa.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us, and I hope many of you will join me in putting this together.  For now, I need a date to propose to Daveed.  Your Excellencies?  Anyone?

~ Zenobia ~


Percussionist v ?Composer v Poet

Teacher v? Instrument Maker v Philosopher

Producer v? Writer v? World Citizen

Daveed has sparked the imaginations of thousands in creating a unique sound, which reflects a synthesis of styles from many of the world's dynamic percussion traditions and Western Jazz.

A native of Illinois, Korup is the co-creator of DrumFest!: a hands-on, multi-cultural drumming experience for people of all ages. Through school assembly programs, artist-in-residency projects, concerts and workshops, Daveed introduces participants to the exciting world of percussion and rhythm. Since its' inception, DrumFest! has reached more than 45,000 people from Charlotte, NC to San Diego, CA.

A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Daveed has worked with musician and mentor, Billy Woods, performing the "Music of the Urban Gypsy" all across the country and co-founded Lights-On Productions to promote performance and instructional projects. In 1994, they created the provocative percussion ensemble, Seeds of Time and released two energizing recording projects, Eyes Behind the Veil and Seeds of Time -- an Invitation to Drum.

PJ Birosik, a music reviewer for the New Age Music News & Reviews, had this to say about Eyes Behind the Veil:

"A sacred dance masterpiece.music that moves beyond

simple entertainment into the realm of wonder."

Daveed has also produced three instructional tapes for North African/Middle Eastern drumming, The World of Dumbek and a new instructional project that focuses on a more comprehensive approach to Middle Eastern hand drumming, Rhythm Rides for Dumbek. He is the author of a hand-drumming manual, titled, Taodrumming and is currently in production of a companion video due for release in 2002.

Korup is the lead percussionist for the Eurasian folk ensemble, Turku, which traveled to Samarkand, Uzbekstan in the fall of 2001 to participate in the third annual Sharq Taronalari Festival, sponsored by UNESCO and the Uzbeki government.

He is married to Cyndi and has two sons, Bill and James.



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