[Northkeep] Need input for drum workshop - Ainar and others?

Lynne Dawson martadormani at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 13:11:47 PST 2001

I wouldn't mind passing a brochure onto the school
district I work for.

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> Note:  See Daveed's bio at the bottom of this
> message.
> Although Daveed will be in Tahlequah with Turku in
> May, there are several schedule conflicts which
> would prevent him offering a drum workshop at that
> time.  However, he has asked if we would like him to
> come in the early fall.  If we wait until then, he
> may be able to participate in a nearby Ansteorran
> event, and may even have time to facilitate a
> drum-building project and do a family drumming
> program for parents and their kids.  Ideally, he
> would also conduct DrumFest! programs (see below) at
> one or more local schools (contact me if you think
> this would interest your child's school - I'll
> provide a DrumFest! brochure) while he is in Tulsa.
> This is a wonderful opportunity for us, and I hope
> many of you will join me in putting this together.
> For now, I need a date to propose to Daveed.  Your
> Excellencies?  Anyone?
> ~ Zenobia ~
> Percussionist v ?Composer v Poet
> Teacher v? Instrument Maker v Philosopher
> Producer v? Writer v? World Citizen
> Daveed has sparked the imaginations of thousands in
> creating a unique sound, which reflects a synthesis
> of styles from many of the world's dynamic
> percussion traditions and Western Jazz.
> A native of Illinois, Korup is the co-creator of
> DrumFest!: a hands-on, multi-cultural drumming
> experience for people of all ages. Through school
> assembly programs, artist-in-residency projects,
> concerts and workshops, Daveed introduces
> participants to the exciting world of percussion and
> rhythm. Since its' inception, DrumFest! has reached
> more than 45,000 people from Charlotte, NC to San
> Diego, CA.
> A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Daveed
> has worked with musician and mentor, Billy Woods,
> performing the "Music of the Urban Gypsy" all across
> the country and co-founded Lights-On Productions to
> promote performance and instructional projects. In
> 1994, they created the provocative percussion
> ensemble, Seeds of Time and released two energizing
> recording projects, Eyes Behind the Veil and Seeds
> of Time -- an Invitation to Drum.
> PJ Birosik, a music reviewer for the New Age Music
> News & Reviews, had this to say about Eyes Behind
> the Veil:
> "A sacred dance masterpiece.music that moves beyond
> simple entertainment into the realm of wonder."
> Daveed has also produced three instructional tapes
> for North African/Middle Eastern drumming, The World
> of Dumbek and a new instructional project that
> focuses on a more comprehensive approach to Middle
> Eastern hand drumming, Rhythm Rides for Dumbek. He
> is the author of a hand-drumming manual, titled,
> Taodrumming and is currently in production of a
> companion video due for release in 2002.
> Korup is the lead percussionist for the Eurasian
> folk ensemble, Turku, which traveled to Samarkand,
> Uzbekstan in the fall of 2001 to participate in the
> third annual Sharq Taronalari Festival, sponsored by
> UNESCO and the Uzbeki government.
> He is married to Cyndi and has two sons, Bill and
> James.
> 589
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