[Northkeep] caroling and picking on beorhtlic and only in the beginning mandlolin?

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sat Dec 1 10:33:18 PST 2001

>don't know if this helps, but the mandolin is tuned the as as a violin or
>filddle. beorhtlic(who used to have a potato sack mandolin and figured out
>about two tunes but gave up)

Ok, what does the potato sack part mean? and do you have anything to say
about Mayfest, as the two accounts mentioned you as being memorable?

Toinette found me two gentles who play and I sent his address and info to
them, guess I probably should check to see if they hit it off.

Also, an interest check.  Are many of you all interested in caroling in
garb?  I was thinking about maybe doing it around Swan Lake, thought that
would be picturesque and fun.  I might even contact thier neighborhood
organization so they know to expect us.  If you are willing to serve as the
music organizer, please let me know and I will count on you to get us
period carols and the sheet music to go around for them.  Let me know if
you are interested and if you would also consider going to Moonshaddowe to

Susan the Curious
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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