[Northkeep] caroling

the Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Sat Dec 1 11:10:48 PST 2001

>Also, an interest check.  Are many of you all interested in caroling in
garb?  I was          >thinking about maybe doing it around Swan Lake,
thought that would be picturesque and fun.  >I might even contact thier
neighborhood organization so they know to expect us.  If you     >are
willing to serve as the music organizer, please let me know and I will
count on you to    >get us period carols and the sheet music to go
around for them.  Let me know if you are    >interested and if you would
also consider going to Moonshaddowe to carol.

Questions, always the questions....<G>

Wouldn't period carols be in another language besides English? We'd also
need pronounciation guides then, wouldn't we? Where would one find
period carols?

Sioned and Machreth
Janece and Gareth

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